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How to calculate the zodiac?


12 zodiacs

The Chinese zodiac is an important factor to the Chinese culture. The signs have been used for a very long time as a way of dating years in a 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. The importance of the zodiac to the Chinese culture is that the animal signs have been used in stories and folklore. These developed the different personality traits that were represented with each animal. To find your Zodiac, please check wiki here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_zodiac


Rat/鼠: intelligent, active, hard-working, kind, shortsighted, conservative.

Rat year192419361948196019721984 199620082020 


Ox/牛: hard-working, honest; endurance, strength and patience

Ox year : 192519371949196119731985199720092021


Tiger/虎: integrity, reluctance to pretend,patience, diligence, persistence.

Tiger is considered to be the children’s protection in China. If kids wear shoes and hats decorated with tigers, it’s considered as a protection to avoid evil spirits . It also demonstrates good will for health.



Rabbit/兔: elegant, considerate; vainglorious, irritable

Rabbit year:192719391951196319751987199920112023


Dragon/龙: aggressive, generous; competitive, thrusting

The Dragon is also the god in charge of rain in Chinese mythology. In Chinese history starting from Song dynasty, almost every village had a a Dragon King Temple where people would meditate and pray for a blessing of control of rain for the crops and good weather for their human activities. After thousands of years of evolving, the dragon has become the most potent symbol of Chinese culture.

Dragon year: 192819401952196419761988200020122024


Snake/蛇: responsible, smart; skeptical, inconstant 

Snake year: 192919411953196519771989200120132025


Horse/马: determined, eloquent; impatient, stubborn

Horse is generally favored by Chinese , as they were very important in transportation in history. It has also been seen as an animal of treasure in old times.Because horses were massively used during war times for carrying equipment and serving knight.

Horse year:193019421954196619781990200220142026


Sheep/羊: creative, tolerant; indecisive, soft head

Sheep is regarded as a very kind and harmless animal in China.Its also a representative of Filial piety as the baby sheep are always keen down to their mothers for milk. A gesture of great appreciation respectful and thankfulness

Sheep year :193119431955196719791991200320152027


Monkey/猴: romantic, competitive; jealous, dishonest

Monkey year :193219441956196819801992200420162028


Rooster/鸡: sharp, efficient; selfish, weird

Rooster year :193319451957196919811993200520172029


Dog/狗: loyal, righteous; impatient, stubborn

Dog year : 193419461958197019821994200620182030


Pig/猪: optimistic, enthusiastic; emotional, sightless

Pig year :193519471959197119831995200720192031

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