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How to Prepare Brushes

When you have a brand-new brush at hand, either for calligraphy or painting, the hair is usually glued together for better packaging and protection. That’s why you should prepare your brush before you use it. Follow the steps below and you can have your brushes ready.

  1. Fill your brush wash (or a bowl is fine) with warm water. Make sure all the tip can be soaked in the bowl. (cool water may slow the speed while hot water may hurt the hair)

 first step to prepare your brush

  1. Soak your brush until the hair is separated like below. Don’t rub it open.

 second step to prepare your brush

  1. Squeeze the glue gently.

 third step to prepare your brush

  1. Gently wipe the water and your brush is ready.

 final step to prepare your brush

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